Payments, rewards, and marketing for cannabis dispensaries

Grow your community of loyal, high-spending customers with cashless payments, real rewards, and built-in retention marketing.
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Average increase in transaction value


Retention rate after first purchase


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Consumers deserve a safer, easier, and more 'normal' time buying and enjoying cannabis. We support this mission with the Spendr platform for retailers, the first offering payments, rewards, and marketing tailored to the cannabis industry. Spendr creates value for both consumers and retailers, building authentic loyalty through an improved customer experience that drives sustainable dispensary growth.
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Streamline transactions

Give your customers fast, modern payments and bonus rewards for buying legal cannabis products at your dispensary. Implement Spendr in days, not weeks with no complicated training and any support you need.
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Reward your customers

Spendr users earn rewards for buying legal cannabis including spending milestones, sign-up bonuses, special giveaways and more. Dispensaries can use promotional tools to offer your own in-app deals.
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Grow your community

Drive return visits and grow your community faster by engaging new and existing customers directly through Spendr. Action-based triggers, segmentation, and personalization encourage more valuable user behavior.

Proven to grow your business

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Increased revenue

Our no-fee, high transaction limit platform encourages customers to spend more, resulting in a >28% increase in avg. sales.
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More visits

Customers come back more often with visit and spend milestones, alongside Spendr's fast, cashless transactions.
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Better engagement

Engage and entice your loyal customer base with personalized offers and rewards delivered in-app and by email.
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Actionable insights

Gain insights into your customers with our CRM and promotions dashboard, designed to help you build loyalty more easily than ever.
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Faster transactions

Streamline your operations while reducing the need for cash reconciliation and transfers with Spendr's cash-free transactions.
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Stronger security

Eliminate the risks associated with cash and enjoy secure payments with our  built-in authorization loops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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"Spendr is convenient and easy to use! I appreciate the perks Spendr offers to their customers."

Cory Ward
Verdant Creations, General Manager
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"Spendr is convenient and easy to use! I appreciate the perks Spendr offers to their customers."

Cory Ward
Verdant Creations, General Manager
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"Spendr helps minimize the headaches of getting cash and easily being able to pay for provides safe, quick, and seamless payment for the product without hassle of cash."

John Roberts
Strawberry Fields Columbus, Dispensary Technician
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"Setting Spendr up was simple and easy. Their support team is great at responding to any concerns or questions. Spendr offers convenience without any fees."

Yaminah Cline
Verdant Creations, Director of Operations

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